In progress
7150 sq ft


This project involves the transformation of the Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Church into a cultural center for the City of Boisbriand, which will include the Petit Théâtre du Nord. The goal is to offer locals a versatile space that can accommodate a multitude of theatre geometries. The multifunctional room will be equipped with technological and scenographic equipment perfect for an array of performances. The Hall will primarily serve as a space for theatrical shows, with acoustics engineered to the human voice.


The building is made to universal standards of accessibility. Cardin Julien meets this need while improving the immediate environment of the center with a green space courtyard. This new public square allows a smooth transition between the different levels, and reduces the large parking area in the sector. The transformed exterior layout, in addition to the building façade and the contemporary extension, give novel character to the existing building, opening it elegantly to the public space.

Petit théâtre du Nord Company Website (in French)