Strasbourg (France)
1 500 m2
Frenak Jullien







The Planetarium and the Jardin de Sciences reception area are located in the heart of a historic garden, situated between the zoology and mineralogy institutes. The project seeks to establish a link between both parts of the campus, as well as give increased visibility to the Jardin de Sciences.

The building, split into two parts (one conical, the other cylindrical), speaks to the shape of the instruments used in geometry and astronomy. Visitors enter the Planetarium through an introductory structure, an entry point for the Jardin de Sciences’ cultural and educational activities as well as all associated museums (zoology, mineralogy, and seismology museums). The Planetarium’s ticket booth, gift shop, and cafeteria are also located in this part of the building.

The second structure houses the Planetarium and the technical rooms. The Planetarium, located in the centre of the cone, can accommodate just over 130 visitors and is equipped with a screen measuring 15 metres in diameter. The screen is a veritable window to the stars for the general public (tourists, students, and families). Under the celestial sky, and as you navigate between galaxies, the theatrical staging of the room guarantees a sense of deep immersion. The seating is organized bleacher-style, and the projection dome is on a slight incline to increase the immersive experience. Special attention was paid to the acoustics in the space to make sure visitors do not get distracted by outside noises or feel any vibrations from the nearby tram.

Cardin Julien in collaboration with Frank Jullien won the architecture competition for the realization of this project.

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